All About Enterprise Resource Planning Software and Its Features

The implementation of available ERP systems provides a vertical solution in services for a project-based company, but they do not have an end solution for a project company. 

These features help a midsized and project-based company to calculate and plan its inventory by project and to avoid over-accumulation and over-supply of materials.

Netsuite provides ERP solutions by an integrated software suite, it covers business activities such as financial management, ERP, CRM, and e-commerce. 

nterprise Resource Planning

NetSuite ERP's accounting features are very robust and versatile as the company leverages its vast past experience developing accounting systems.

In particular accounts receivables have a variety of features that can easily handle all activities ranging from availability to shipping and invoicing.

It provides easy navigation and transfer between roles and number of reports to provide an in-depth analysis of the methodology. 

It also supports e-commerce activities that provide users with a web presence to increase their reach and provide more quick and reliable services to existing customers.

For the midsize project-based company in ERP solution, project management will provide features like resource planning and resource availability that will give a complete picture to the management along with project accounting and bid management. The resource will include the human and physical resources required for the execution of the project.