About Swiss Gold Coins

A new investor beginning to get acquainted with precious metals realizes quickly that a huge amount of the most reputable gold bar producers are located in Switzerland.

Modern Swiss gold coins do indeed exist. They are minted by Federal Mint Swissmint, the official government mint of Switzerland. However, the minted Swiss gold coins fall into the numismatic category due to their limited mintage and lower gold purity.  You can visit goldswitzerland.com/services/buy-sell-gold-in-switzerland/ to buy swiss gold

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The commemorative Barry coin has an official face value of 50 Swiss Francs and weighs 11.29 grams. It is minted in proof condition and total mintage is capped at 4,500 pieces.

The Barry coin is just one out of many 90% pure numismatic gold coins that the Federal Mint Swissmint has issued. Most other such issued coins also have a face value of 50 Swiss Francs. 

The first of the many commemorative Swiss gold coins with that face value was issued in 2001 and at least one new coin has been released every year since (2004 was the only year with 2 coins being released). 

The Barry coin is now the 18th 50 Franc coin to be released since then. All coins were minted in proof condition and the mintage limit varied between 3,940 and 10,000 pieces. 

All of these four coins are minted in proof condition and mintage was capped at 2,500 or 3,000 pieces. Finally, a 90% pure commemorative Swiss gold coin with a face value of 250 Swiss Francs was minted in 1991.