A Simple Guide to Clay Art Dinnerware

Nothing is as satisfying as making household items successively at home. By doing it, you save yourself the cost of buying expensive and sometimes poor-quality items. If you are looking forward to buying a dinner set, you have a better option. Make use of that excess time you have on weekends and holidays.

Clay plates dinnerware set is something you can create personally at home. This is not as difficult as many of you would like to think of it. It is a good chance for you to get dirty, and to create items you could use in the future.

Since this is art and fun, how about involving your wife and kids? As long as you all can follow simple instructions, creating clay dinnerware is not a complex affair. To do it, you have to set enough funds aside to buy clay. Tools are necessary as well. Among the simple items you require and are available at home, include:

• A newspaper

• Sponge

• A plastic knife

• A needle

• Pencil and

• A pair of scissors

The rest of the tools are not readily available. You have to buy them so that you could start molding your art dinnerware. These tools include the following:

• Wire clay cutter

• A drape mold in the shape you want

• Buy a textured block mold

When you have gathered all the above materials, you are ready to begin making your clay art dinnerware at home. The procedure is simple to follow. The first thing you must do is to make a model, which is tinier than the drape mold, using the newspaper. Measure a 3/8 to a half-inch width slab of clay.

Make sure it is a little bigger than the plate size. Cut out the shape of the plate from the clay slab using your newspaper model. Certainly, this will leave behind a coil of clay. Do not throw it away because you could use it to make the feet.