A hikers journal of the Wicklow Way

"The Wicklow Way is Ireland's most famous trail, following the route of an old drovers' road from Dublin to Carlow. It takes almost four days to complete the whole hike. The trail is not for the faint-hearted and does not suit inexperienced walkers." 

The Wicklow Way is a long-distance path that stretches from Dublin to the Wicklow Hills in Ireland. It was initially built by refugees who escaped from the Great Famine. It is approximately 200 miles long, meaning hikers have to pack all of their food and supplies for the journey throughout the entire trail. You can contact us to choose walks and tour holidays.

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There are so many reasons to hike the Wicklow Way. It is a well-marked trail that leads from Dublin to the summit of Ireland's tallest mountain, Slieve Donard. The best views are at the end of the trail atop Slieve Donard Mountain where you can see all of Ireland. It's also a great place to see or hear wildlife like deer and hawks as you hike through dense forests with many natural features.  

Pack a backpack that has plenty of space and is lightweight. Make sure it's waterproof and doesn't have rips or tears. Pack water and a map of the Wicklow Way so you'll be prepared for what the hike has in store for you. You'll need to bring food, too! 

The Wicklow Way is a hiking trail in Ireland. The trail is located in the Irish National Parks and as such, there are very strict rules when it comes to safety.