5 Step Process of Preparing a Site before Excavation

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Excavation isn’t as simple as it might look. It needs careful planning and preparation to ensure no one takes the harm while the work completes successfully. That’s why professional earthmovers conduct certain steps of assessment, evaluation, and preparation before starting the work. Here’s how a professional prepare the site before excavation.

  1. Survey: An experienced surveyor starts the project by visiting the site for assessment and evaluation. The professional checks the selected location, parameters, boundaries, and feasibility. After the survey, they put markers to indicate the boundaries (or circumference) of the excavation site.
  2. Site Clearing: After passing by the survey, the clearing process starts. It involves removing everything that lies within the marked boundaries to get a plain, leveled ground. The process prepares for the construction part that the earthmoving team will conduct.
  3. Soil Testing: Before setting up a structure on top, the soil beneath is tested for its strength and compactness. It should be able to withstand the structure’s support throughout the time. Testing the soil’s water-absorbing qualities tells how effectively the land will avoid flooding.
  4. Geotechnical Property Investigation: In addition to the soil, rocky elements and rocks (if any) present in the area are tested. The team also tests the groundwater condition to ensure if the place is suitable for the design and the purpose of the structure to be built.
  5. Site Plan Design: A critical pre-construction phase, design involves details of excavation, building’s layout, location, drainage layout, and the site’s septic systems. This plan guides the excavation process.

After all these steps, earthmoving contractors in Brisbane start the excavation work for a strong-standing building to be constructed on the target land.