4 Point Guide to Creating a Sales-generating Booklet

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Have you ever used a booklet for (or before) buying anything? Well! You might have seen coupon booklets, info books, and product magazines. Booklets are a great tool to provide valuable information to your potential customers. But you need to make them engaging, informative, and worth catching attention. Here, these tips for creating a winning booklet can get more visibility and sales to your brand.

  1. Never Miss the Basics: If you are well aware of your services or products, thinking everyone else is too could be a grave mistake. Think of what are the common questions buyers ask when they start exploring your offerings. That would be a starting point for what to include in the booklet. And then you can go on exploring to add more fun and interest.
  2. Use Your Marketing Tactics: After learning about the product, interested customers would like to take further action. Here’s where your marketing tactics will play the role. Put in a call-to-action script, asking them to contact you to learn more, buy a product, or book a service.
  3. Design and Copy: When ready with the content, you need to put all of it in a visually appealing manner. Get a copywriter and a designer to add their creativity, converting the booklet into something that catches the eyes and compels the mind to take action. You can add engaging elements like coupon pages, big images, fast fact sheets, etc. Don’t forget to add professional and clear product images.
  4. Print Quality: Now, the booklet is going to stay on the customer’s shelf for way longer than a flyer or insert ad. Thus, ensure that you get a high-quality print service only. Find the best commercial printer in Brisbane to get your booklet printed with quality paper and technology fit for the purpose.