ISPCAN Child Abuse Screening Tool (ICAST)

This meeting is free and open to all conference delegates and does not require pre-registration.  If you are working in data collection or would simply like more information on what is happening in this area around the world, please feel free to join us.

Sunday, August 28
12:30 – 3:00pm

The ISPCAN Child Abuse Screening Tool (ICAST) has successfully served as a common instrument worldwide to enable systematic collection and comparison of data across cultures, time or between research groups for collecting data on the extent and depth of child abuse. ICAST has been translated and validated into at least 20 languages.  Participants in this meeting will have the opportunity to review the changes in the ICAST and see a summary of some of the work that has been done with these instruments.  Participants who have completed ICAST studies are encouraged to share their experiences.  We will have a discussion regarding cultural adaption and appropriateness of the ICAST instruments and questions in different countries.  Anyone interested in data collection and the ICAST instrument is invited to attend.