Child Death Review

Pre-congress working group on child maltreatment fatalities: A community of practice for the study of child deaths

Sunday 28th August 2016 9:30am – 1.00pm

This is an open forum to facilitate researchers, policy makers and practitioners with an interest in studying child maltreatment deaths to come together to share their work and to discuss collaboration.

This will be an opportunity for participants to:

  • share current work
  • explore new ideas about the process of child death review
  • discuss how the learning from reviews into the death or near fatal injury to a child can inform policy and practice
  • develop collaborations for future work


9.30 Welcome and Introductions John Devaney, Queen’s University Belfast, UK
9.40 Discussion triads: What approaches are currently being used to learn from serious and fatal child maltreatment? All participants in small groups of 3 or 4 to share ideas
10.00 Group feedback
10.20 Pathways to protection: Approaches to learning from serious and fatal maltreatment P Sidebotham, Warwick University, UK
10.40 Defining and identifying near fatal maltreatment T Covington, National Centre for Child Death Review at Michigan Public Health Institute, USA
11.00 Approaching reviews in economically developing countries S Matthews, Children’s Institute, University of Cape Town, S Africa
11.20 Comfort Break
11.40 Group Discussion: Developing principles and approaches for reviewing and studying serious and fatal child maltreatment:

–          notification systems

–          data collection

–          analytic approaches

–          facilitating learning

–          family involvement

–          dissemination

12.10 Group feedback
12.30 Implications for policy makers and managers M Egilson, British Columbia Coroner’s Office, Canada
12.45 Looking ahead: developing collaborations

We hope you will join us on Sunday, August 28 from 10:00 am – 1:00 pm.